Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pimples on my Oily Face

Don't know what to do with it. My face is so oily and every time there's picture taking, my forehead shine as if I put some oil on my face. Grrrr! Now pimples are attacking me again. I visited my dermatologist twice already and hoping for a fast cure of my pimples. I got some on my back also which itch sometimes. My dermatologist gave me 2 prescriptions: a pledget to apply in the morning and ointment for bed time. I wish my pimples will soon be gone. I hate looking at them on the mirror and I'm tempted to prick them. I hope these pimples will go away after I gave birth.


Lynn said...

dala ra siguro na sa imo pregnancy, mitch. my sister was like that during her last pregnancy and it was her first to experience having pimples while pregnant og dagko jud raba. as in acne na. before after she gave birth, nag hinay hinay na kawala og karon, wa na jud. don't worry, mawala ra na. sige lang, pretty man japun ka maski may pimples. :)


Ilocana said...

Don't worry, they will go away soon as your body is back to normal again. It's all about hormone imbalance my dear..^_^