Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grrrr It's cold!

I went out yesterday to buy some groceries but of course, I checked the weather first before I went out so I can wear the right outfit. It was cold so I have 3 layers of tops on me and two for the bottom. My jeans still fit but already tight. I can feel my baby complaining coz she's pushing my tummy and it hurts. When I went to the first store my tummy hurt already so I walked slowly to ease the pain coz I still have to go to the second store to return the clothes that my mother-in-law didn't like. I felt that the baby is uncomfortable of the jeans I wear and so am I. I decided that I really need to buy new pants that will keep me warm now that it's getting cold outside. I have lots of pants to use for the house but not for going out coz they are thin. That's why I use my jeans yesterday coz I don't have other choice. I want my legs to be warm also. Grrrr The maternity pants are hard to find especially for a petite me. I've been to stores that has maternity section but I don't like the cloth or the size is not right and the way they're made is not my type. I wish I can find one soon coz I need it so bad.

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