Saturday, November 8, 2008

I got a flu shot today

This is the first time that I had a flu shot here in US. It is available every year but I thought I don't need it coz I'm healthy so I didn't have a flu shot when I arrive here and last year. But according to the book that I read about pregnancy, pregnant woman should get a flu shot especially this time coz of the change of weather. I still don't want to get it but hubby said that the walk-in clinic near here offered a free flu shot to us because it's covered by our health insurance. Hubby asked the practitioner if it's okay for me to have the flu shot and she said yes. So hubby and I went to the walk-in clinic near our place and got my flu shot done today. It was quick but there's still a little pain where the shot was. I hope the pain will be gone tomorrow.


Lynn said...

u feel numbness in the area where u got the shot. don't worry, mitch. it'll be gone tomorrow or the day after. it's tolerable naman di ba? i just had a shot myself few weeks ago but it wasn't a flu shot.:)


Michelle2 said...

i can still feel a little bit of pain today but it's almost gone. ting shot diay ron sa mga blogger. :)