Sunday, November 9, 2008

I should have more than 1 child

That's what my mother-in-law said when I told her that we're having a baby girl. Hubby asked her why we have to have more than one child and she said "for company". She told us not to have the baby alone by herself. I think she realized now that having one child is not good. She said that the girls as what she calls her co-residents at the assisted living facility were talking about their children and they got more than one child while my mother-in-law only have one. A friend of mine here in US said that her husband had a male friend who's an only son, no serious gf and had an elderly parents. He was sort of sad for not having a sibling to talk to and share responsibilities of taking care the elderly parents so he talked to my friend's husband whenever he felt sad and lonely about his life. His father died and after a year he was found dead at the yard. The neighbor said that it seems he's having a heart attack. My friend and her husband were shocked because they thought he's okay already. But before that, he was kinda depressed, sad and lonely. I guess he died first before his mother and I don't know what happen to his mother after he died. Hearing this story made me think to have more than 1 child. I know that it is difficult for me coz I have to do everything to take care of the kids without any help from family members/relatives or neighbors unlike in the Philippines. Besides, hiring a nanny is very expensive. Hubby mentioned to me in the past that having just 1 child is not good so he wants to have more than 1 child. He said that he doesn't want our child to be alone if we die. I just hope we can afford it.


Mary512 said...

I have one child only, and that is just fine for me. In such troubling times, you should not have a kid just because you want your first to have a sibling. An only child will be just fine by themselves. Have another child for love, because you want another baby, not for such other silly reasons.

Lynn said...

yes, luoy jud ang kid if siya lang kay wala kadula. i'm just glad yogi has his cousins as playmates. but i really wanted to have a daughter pa sana. kaso wala pang partner. lol. magic na lang sa. hehe.

ingatz mitch! baby girl na pala talaga? so happy for u. :)

Michelle2 said...

mary512: i agree with you in having another baby for love and not for silly reasons. but i can't say that one child is just fine because i'm not an only child. i guess it's easier to raise one child than more than one but i think an only child knows more if it's fine to be an only child or not. besides, it's nice to have more kids i think but of course it has to be planned.

lynn: i just assume that it's a baby girl lynn coz that's what we saw during my ultrasound but who knows. my cousin still insist that im having a boy. haha

maayo gani kay naay cousins imong yogi. okay raman tali lynn kung usa lang basta naa sa pinas pero kung diri sa US nga walay silinganay ug ang mga parente nagpuyo sa laing state luoy jud kung usa ra. bisan gani akong bana naay parente sa florida sa didto pa iyang mama nagpuyo pero maikod sad sya mangayo ug tabang sa iyang ig-agaw didto kay di man sad sila suod kay nagdako nga sa laing state nagpuyo. naluoy ko sa akong bana nga siya ra jud usa nag sulbad2 sa problema sa iya mama ug pagkamatay sa iya papa. wala jud sya pahuway for weeks unya di sad makatulog ug tarong kay mag huna2 kung unsa na sad sunod buhaton. di lalim. nindot sad baya kung 3 kabuok anak kay cute tan-awn nga modako na. gasto lang. hehe