Friday, July 11, 2008

Tooth Surgery

Today I took a day off coz hubby's appointment for his wisdom tooth surgery was 7:30 AM. I asked hubby if the Doctor will put him to sleep and he said "Yes, that's what he told me". This is the first time that I'm taking hubby to the Doctor and drive him home because he's not capable of driving after the surgery. I had my wisdom tooth removed when I was in the Philippines and the Doctor just gave me shots to numb my gums, pull the tooth out and that's it! But here it's different. My other wisdom tooth had an infection so the Dentist suggests that I go to the Oral Surgeon and see of what the Oral Surgeon think about my situation. My previous Dentist arranged the appointment for me then I was scheduled to go to the Surgeon the next day for check up then I had another appointment for the surgery. The Surgeon told me to take a pill an hour before the surgery which I did. I felt dizzy when I arrive at the Surgeons Office then they told me to sit down and I didn't remember anymore what happen next. Why? Because they gave me a general anesthesia. Huh! I never heard of such a thing when I was in the Philippines. I thought general anesthesia is for pregnant women only who will undergo Caesarian Section. It really surprises me! Having the general anesthesia disconnects me from the world. I didn't know what happen to me, whether I was still on the chair or bed when I woke up and if I was dreaming or not. I don't even remember what's in the room! I felt like I was having a dream and I heard hubby's voice talking. I told hubby that I had a dream and he said "I was talking to the Doctor while you're in the recovery room". Hubby said that the recovery room looks like an ICU. He's beside me at the recovery room for 30 minutes watching me. He said that they cover my body with a cloth and there are wires connecting from the machine to my body. The Doctor visit me every now and then at the recovery room and telling hubby that my heart rate is normal and I think pulse rate and blood pressure are also monitored, even my breathing. Weird huh! But I was okay after I woke up, just a little dizzy, thirsty and hungry. Hubby's surgery today is different. They told him that he can't spit or drink with a straw to avoid having suction in his gums. He can only swallow but not spit. No solid foods, only liquids (ice cream, soup, puree). Wow, that's hard! I feel sorry for him. He looks so weak but he still manage to show the Surgeon his two thumbs up for the job well done while he's sitting at the wheel chair. I was instructed to bring the car to the front door while the assistant will bring hubby down to the ground floor. And there he was, looked like he just get up from bed and still sleepy. Now we're home. ^_^


Mummy SHENG said...

hope your hubby feels better soon. for sure he is in good hands, with a beautiful nurse/wife like you!

Michelle2 said...

thanks sheng! i'm hoping for his fast recovery so he can eat solid foods with me again. :)