Thursday, July 10, 2008

Exchange Links

I just felt bad recently that there are bloggers who don't understand that people are busy. They add your link and if they don't see their name in your blog roll, they ask you to add them because you're added already to their blog roll. For me it's okay to remind you because we forget things sometimes but demanding to add them using this "!!!" is rude. In my opinion, if they can't wait to be added then I have a very simple solution. Delete my link! Period! I don't care adding them in my blog roll if that's the attitude. Besides, they don't really visit my blog often so what's the use of linking each other? I don't really wanna burn any bridges but now they get on my nerves. Grrrrr! Marah


Ilocana said...

ATTa Girl!!! Emotion very well expressed! Ha,ha,ha. Yap, I agree with you sistah..

Michelle2 said...

haha galit nga yong emoticon oh, sungay na lang ang kulang. bwahahaha