Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too much food

I had an invitation last Friday for another gathering but I refuse to go. It seems that I've been going out lately so I told my friend that I better stay at home than going out for last night's event. She told me that we'll just go to another friend's house and eat there but I really don't feel like going out so I said "I better not". I think I'll go if my buddies for Ladies Night Out were there but they're not. Besides, if I go with my friend then I can bring leftovers again and I don’t have room for that anymore. When I was new here I was ashamed to bring leftovers coz I'm not used to it. But then I realized that it's an insult to the host if you refuse to bring what she cooked or prepare coz she might think you didn't like the taste. So now, even if I don't like the taste, I still bring some as a sign of respect. Good thing hubby is not a picky eater (as long as it's not poisonous) so he ate the foods that I don't like to eat. Lately, I’ve been throwing foods that were buried in the fridge coz I forgot to eat them. That’s why the freezer is now full coz I try to put the foods that will spoil easily into the freezer. I can use them later when I crave for it and when I’m too lazy to cook. Whew! I think I don't need to buy Filipino foods for month’s coz I still have some in the fridge. Waaaaa! How I wish I can give the foods to the people in the Philippines, it will surely solve the problem.

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