Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cooking with Love

I think you noticed that when you cook and you're happy, the results are good. But if you cook and you're mad, angry or pissed the food you cooked is not good. I remember my Aunt in the Philippines about this. It was Holy Friday and every Holy Friday her family prepares a dessert that can be a meal or snack for everybody. I'm talking about the binignit (in bisaya), guinataan (in tagalog) and I don't know how you call it in English but it's the tapioca pearls with rice, sugar, sweet potato, jackfruit, karlang (I think malanga in English) and glutinous rice. My Aunt doesn't want to cook the meal because she wants to join the Holy Friday event. But unfortunately, if she won't cook then everybody will go hungry. She has no choice but to stay at home and cook the binignit though she's murmuring. When we arrive at my Aunt's house we were so excited to eat the yummy binignit that she cooked but too bad she burn it. I also noticed that eventhough there were times that the foods I cooked were not perfect because of cooking them in a hurry but they're still good according to hubby. I always said to him "You might not like it", but he always answer me "It's not bad. I'll eat it again". I'm sure if you're happy while cooking, the result is a delicious meal. So the next time you cook, put some love to the food. Enjoy cooking! :)


Dienn said...

I'll always remember what u said, "...when we cook, put some love to the food."

:-) have a nice day!

Mummy Sheng said...

i totally agree!

have a nice saturday!

Katelove's said...

I agree with you sis! i noticed it also a lot of times, cooking with love and if your happy, always turn out good jud! hehehe. By the way, i added this blog na diay sa kong blog roll. Kindly add me up lng na later if you have time. Thank you sis and Have a gud weekend!

Anig said...

Was here and checking in, Take care and have a blessed day!