Sunday, June 29, 2008

A tiring day...

Today hubby and I watch the Air Show which we thought was just a little Air Show but we're wrong. We missed most of the Air shows coz the official website said that the Air Show starts at 12:00 noon. We left the house at 12:05 PM and we were stuck on the road because of the heavy traffic. We arrived 2:15 PM at the Airport's parking lot where the Air Show was held. Normally, from here to the Airport is only 25 minutes but not yesterday. Grrrr! We did a lot of walking from the parking lot to the place where there are tents for food. I was a little hungry already because I only ate 1 boiled egg before we left. I thought there are restaurants around but there's none. And the line was long if you want to buy food or just drinks. It's hot today and I smell the sunblock lotion from other people. Spectators were told to bring sunblock lotion because it's gonna be a hot day so I brought one too. When hubby felt that he's a little dehydrated, we went to the tents that sold water and fries. The french fries were not good, it's thick and oily but I was hungry so I ate it with ketchup. Then I drink the cold water which made me feel better. I took a lot of pictures of the aircraft especially the Blue Angels Air Show. They are really good in doing tricks while they're way up in the sky. It's awesome! After the show we went to the Filipino store and had dinner at Subway coz hubby was very hungry already. We arrive home at 7:15 PM and when we check the schedule of the shows for today the Air Show really starts at 10:00 AM. Grrrrr! We missed most of the shows! We thought that it's just showing of the air craft models in the morning and the Air show is at 12:00 noon. We don't want to wait that long for the Air show that's why we decided to go at noon. That's the result of a not so organized event with different info's from website, tv commercial and newspaper. Oh well, better luck next time if there's next time. ^_^ Anyway, we sleep late again last night. Geesh! I really wanted to break this bad habit of sleeping late at night because of blogging. But I can only do it if I won't turn on the computer coz if I do, I'm sure I'll be stuck in blogging again. :)

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