Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sad but there's still hope...

I like having a day off during week days so I can have time for myself, visit a friend, shopping or just cleaning the house. But after I had 2 or 3 consecutive day offs during the weekend, I enjoyed it. Hubby saw a commercial on tv yesterday about the air show at the Airport that will happen this Saturday and he plan that we'll watch it. Of course I don't wanna miss it so I talked to the Manager today to change my schedule. I asked the manager this morning to have a day off every Saturday but next week Thursday I wanna get off from work an hour early because I have a dental appointment. The manager said ok so I thought she changed my schedule for next week but when I looked at my schedule, I have Thursday off and have a schedule this Saturday. So I talked to another manager to change my schedule but she can't do anything about it because other employees asked for day offs too and two were suspended next week. So tomorrow I have to call work to talk to the assistant manager about changing my schedule. I do hope that I can have my day off every Saturday so I can enjoy my weekend. Happy weekend to All! :)

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