Sunday, June 15, 2008

Celebrating the Philippine Independence day in USA

This is one of the Pinoy groups here in Alabama. We only see each other or have a gathering if there are events like holidays that the Pinoys here want to celebrate with fellow Pinoys. Today we celebrate the Philippine Independence Day and Father's day. Here are the photos of the event today.

The banner.

Church pavilion is the venue of the picnic today.

Look at the lechon on the table. hehe

Back view. haha I wonder what we were thinking at this moment. I think I was enjoying eating the chicharon. It was yummy yummy yummy! :)


Ilocana said...

Ayaw nyo lang pakita mga malalaki nyong subo ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

hello mitch, talaga naman may celebration pa ng independence day ha! dito sa pinas wala lang ang araw na yan! hehehhe

proud to be pinoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I'll include you in my links.


Michelle2 said...

ilocana: bwahahaha syempre kasi masarap ang lechon at chicharon. haha

bry: bah, bakit walang celebration dyan? kami lang yata dito ang loyal. hehe

orville: no probs. :)