Friday, June 13, 2008

The Old Man at the Dumpster

This is the view outside our apartment. Every time I eat my breakfast or lunch, I can see what's going on outside which sometimes entertains me while eating specially if I saw squirrels running around playing or just looking for food. Then I saw this old man and I was wondering what he's doing at the dumpster. I was observing of what he took in the dumpster so when he passed by close to where I was still watching him while he goes out of our place to go to another dumpster maybe, I saw a big plastic bags hanging in his bike. I noticed that he took the soda cans. When hubby was home I told him about the old man and said that I want to give the cans to the old man and not throw it in the dumpster so the old man won't dig it there anymore. The next time I saw him; I hurriedly went out and give the cans to him. He was saying something to me but I can't understand. I think he's speaking to me in Spanish and the only English word I heard from him that I understand is "Thank you". He normally comes to the dumpster here once a week or once every 2 weeks. When I started working, I haven't handed him the cans anymore. Maybe he comes here early when I am still at work. I sometimes saw him outside biking with his plastic bags hanging around his bike while I was going to the store after work. When our cans were piling up already, hubby decided to bring the cans to his work because they recycle cans, sell it and donate the money that they make from the cans to the family of those who are serving in Iraq. In short, I wasn't feeling so bad anymore knowing that the cans we saved was able to help other needy people.


laura said...

bait u naman cguro gusto ka nyang makita ulit kc hirap nga naman kumuha ng mga recycling stuff dun,sometimes if may nakita rin meng ganyan fud nalang binbigay ko pero once lang nagyari yun dko na kc nakikita ala rin cguro ako.

Michelle2 said...

yeah, i think he's wondering if we move to another place coz he didn't see me anymore. i wanted to ask him of what day and time he comes to get the cans so i can put the cans outside but i don't think he can understand english coz everytime i speak to him in english, he answered in spanish. oh well, better luck next time. :)