Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Am I a good cook?

No I'm not but I'm trying to learn how to cook healthy meals. I learn not to use MSG (monosodium glutamate) coz it's not good for our health. Though there are times that I wanted to buy MSG at the Asian Market because I'm used to eat foods in the Philippines with MSG but here, I'm on MSG diet. haha But the main reason is white people can't stand with MSG. They might not notice it when they're eating the food but for them it's like a poison. Like my hubby, he easily have cramps after eating something that won't agree with his body and MSG is one of them. Anyways, I love to experiment on food but of course I need to know some basic knowledge about the different cuisines that I tried. I also get tired of cooking the same thing so I want to cook something interesting but not complicated to make. The picture shows that I need help from the master chefs. The books were on sale so I grabbed them. haha I might not use these books for now but maybe someday I will. ^_^

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