Monday, August 11, 2008

My cravings

Last Friday the practitioner warned me not to eat any raw meat. She said that I can't touch the raw meat also so if I want to cook meat then I have to use gloves. Hmm I wonder if this is really true but it's okay. Last week I went to a friend's house for dinner, she invited me and another friend and she offered us the salted anchovies (ginamos) which I think not cooked. This was last Thursday and my OB appointment was Friday. I ate the salted anchovies coz it smells so good and I can't resist but dip my chicken into the anchovy sauce. I asked a little bit of the anchovy sauce so I can dip my cooked unripe banana at home. It was my breakfast yesterday morning and after eating I remember what the practitioner told me. I tried to think if the anchovy is cooked but I think it's not so now I have to pay the consequences for not being careful of what I eat. I had a stomach ache a few hours later. I hope the anchovy won't harm the little one in my tummy. This morning I throw the anchovy sauce though the smell made me drooling. Oh well, I'll eat it again once I gave birth. Here's a photo of my breakfast yesterday. :)


nice said...

buntis kana love?hehe,congratz if so.

Bryan J said...

Hi there, I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better week, TC

Lynn said...

Enough na yan for your breakfast, Mich? Hala ako dili jud mabuhi walay kan-on. Hehe. Pero adik pud ko ana sa una ba. Haven't had that one for a while now. Laway nuon ko da!

Katelove's said...

Hello sis, kumusta na? hehehe, I'm very happy for you reading this post, hala, ulahi na jud ko ron sa update da.hehehe, preggy na ka sis? Congratulation ha!! I'm really happy for you! pla nman ka months? ingat always and extra careful jud.

Best regards,

Michelle2 said...

nice: yes dear, buntit na. hehe

lynn: yeah, kung saging akong kaonon kay di man ko mag rice. sakto ra jud na nako ang usa ka saging, busog na kaayo ko ana. usahay gani half lang akong mahurot. :)

katelove's: thanks! yeah, 7 weeks na. :)

badz said...

hi there..

have a great day & healthy life