Friday, August 1, 2008

Me and my co-workers

This pic was taken last July 20 last month. I was invited for a little gathering again. My fellow Pinay who's also a co-worker of mine celebrated her birthday at her sister's house. She invited me, another pinay co-worker and a caucasian co-worker who's interested to learn some Filipino words. After our singing session which I prefer doing (though it was the first time of singing karaoke now that I'm here in US) than listening to gossips after eating, the birthday girl's sister took this picture as a souvenir. It was nice to eat Filipino foods again but the problem with gatherings like this is I end up going home late. It's just that I'm ashamed to go home early after eating. haha I think it's rude to do that unless you really need to go home early because you have a baby waiting for you at home. Anyway, here's our pic. :)

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Cecile n' Matt said...

doing my daily rounds and that includes you, have monday!