Monday, August 4, 2008

Hormone Problem?

Lately I've been tired and sleepy. I think my body tries to tell me to get more sleep and rest because blogging made me sleep very late at night. My appetite also changes lately. Now that I'm used to drinking tap water and bottled water, my taste buds are very sensitive to sweet and salty. I noticed yesterday that my hot choco drink becomes sweet already after I pour 2 tbsp of sugar while cooking it. In the past, I put a lot of sugar because the hot choco still taste a little bitter but not yesterday. I even bought a carrot cake that I really love to eat after dinner as my dessert but I only had a bite of it and didn't eat it for 2 days now. In the past, I took 3/4 inch slice of the cake and finish if right away. But the other day, a bite is enough for me. I also tried to avoid salty foods lately. Hmm Even the junk foods that I like to eat before are now sitting around coz I don't like eating them anymore. It's good that I'm not eating sweets, junk foods and salty foods lately. This is good for me and my health. Not sure though if my hormone is making me do this but I'm thankful that the change is for the better. :)


twinks said...

At least the changes are for the betterment of your health dear. I wish my taste buds are like that too.. hehee, i love sweet food and salty food..i tend to balance them. But am a bit careful now when it comes to what I'm eating..mahirap na.

Anyway, get a good rest dear. Take care :]

Michelle2 said...

Yeah, it's true. It's difficult to change bad habits especially when it comes to food. hehe

Bryan J said...

Hi there, I linked you. I hope you have a wonderful day, TC always

Mummy SHENG said...

good to know you're starting to eat a healthy way. i cam't do that. i love sweets and junk foods!

keep it up!

Michelle2 said...

bryan j: thanks bry. i will linked you too. :)

mummy sheng: yeah, my taste buds suddenly changed after i stopped drinking soda because of my UTI. :)