Monday, December 1, 2008

It's snowing today!

I get up at 11:30 am today to watch the food network's quick fix meals and to eat lunch. I'm so thankful that my baby sleep most of the time last night which made me get more sleep too even in the morning. Anyways, after eating my lunch I looked at the window and thought that it was raining but when I saw the ground there are white stuff like salt. Then I saw a few snow falling. I went back to the couch and continue to watch food network. When I looked at the window again there were more snowflakes falling so I grab the camera and took a photo of it. The snow stopped so I went out to have my exercise at the fitness center. It's freezing cold outside but I like it. :)


Lynn said...

i'm dreaming of a white christmas...sing it! hahaha. la jud ko mahimo, sis ba.

anyways, musta na ang buntis? :)

jenn_US said...

which part in the US are u residing mich? here in arkansas it gets to be very cold but i have yet to see snow this year. i love snow. hehe

Michelle2 said...

lynn: nyahaha so you like white christmas diay ha. mao nay giingon nga just keep on dreaming coz there's no harm in dreaming. actually, im now having a snack at 5:30 am though i woke up at 4 am coz my baby is so frisky. don't know if she's hungry or just wanted to wiggle her hands and feet but she woke me up. :)

jenn_us: im here in alabama. i only like to watch the snow but now that im preggy i think i can handle the freezing cold outside. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, kelan ko kaya mararanasan ang white xmas?! pero parang ayoko kasi malungkot, hehehe

hows ur baby mitch?! I imagine how big she has grown. cant wait to see her :)

keep safe

Anonymous said...

Dako naman diay imo tiyan chelle. Dugay nako wala ka drop diri. Regards

Dezz said...

Wow! thats nice sis.. Nag snow na dyan hehe.. Here malapit na ang lamig sa labas grabe nakakamatay hahaha..


Michelle2 said...

Bry: medyo malungkot nga ang pasko dito di kagaya dyan sa Pinas na maraming taong kasama sa noche buena pero pag may pamilya ka na dito masanay ka rin. hehe

Orville: o kaluoy sa Ginoo dako2 na akong tiyan. morag 8 lbs na akong na gain. :)

Dezz: yeah, we had snow pero 1 day lang. fluctuate na naman ang temperature dito, nasa 20 degrees F minsan kung gabi or early morning. sana di pa aabot sa 10 degrees. :)