Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lucky night

Hubby and I went to the Botanical garden yesterday to see the Galaxy of Lights coz today is the last day of the showing. It was crowded last night but not too crowded. We were there for almost an hour and headed to the Chinese buffet for dinner. I was hungry already while watching the galaxy of lights but there's no way out so we patiently followed the cars ahead of us. It's almost 9 pm already when we arrived at the restaurant and we're not so sure of what time they close. Most restaurants closes at 9 pm and I thought the chinese restaurant that I normally go to with my friends will close at 10 so we tried to go there first to see if they are still open. Luckily they're still open but only until 9:30 pm. I have no other choice but to go inside and eat coz I'm already hungry. We are the last customer so some parts of the bar are empty and the first thing that I was looking for was the crawfish but it's already empty. Anyways, I got some rice, veggies, chicken soup and shrimp. The woman at the cashier came to me and asked if I want to eat crawfish coz they'll cook some for me and without thinking twice I said "yes, please". Wow! It made me happy that they'll cook my fave crawfish. haha Then the woman at the cashier told me that if I want something that is not there anymore I'll just tell them and they'll cook what I want. Sweet! While I was halfway eating, the woman at the cashier came to our table and told me that the crawfish is ready. So I went to the bar and took some crawfish. I thought they're going to cook just some for me but the pan is so full. I wish my friends were there, I'm sure they'll be happy to see the crawfish. Then when I went to the dessert bar, I saw the fresh cooked crab legs. How I wish I still have room for it but I'm almost full already so I only took a little bit of fruits. I arrived home happy. :)

Happy New Year!


Lynn said...

Good for u, sis. Happy for sure ang bb mo kasi full si Mommy. Hehe.

Happy new year! Cheers!

Michelle2 said...

Yeah, she sure is. Love the crawfish jud. Happy New Year! :)

Ilocana said...

Know what? A preggy lady like you is actually a lucky symbol to Chinese. I think a baby in the womb brings good luck. So lucky you and lucky them! :)