Sunday, February 8, 2009

Healthy for baby

I've been thinking of what to eat that is also healthy for my baby. I'm not sure if other moms are doing the same thing but for me the health of the baby starts in the mothers womb. I need to eat vegetables everyday for my fiber and shrimp is good for baby's brain so I decided to cook bean sprouts, green beans with shrimps. This is good for 3 meals for me coz hubby doesn't like to eat shrimps. It's yummy and healthy. ^_^


Lynn said...

i love bean sprouts a lot especially with ground pork and of course shrimps. yummy! laway nuon ko da.

Michelle2 said...

good! love the bean sprouts too and was thinking of adding pork but i was in a hurry so i just add the shrimps. it makes the cooking time quicker coz im hungry already and my little one was kicking me na. hehe