Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ice cream cake

This was the ice cream cake I bought for my baby shower. I just don't want to go to the party with empty handed coz for sure my pinay friends brought something to share to everybody. I was glad I chose the chocolate ice cream and cake coz it really taste so good than the first time that hubby and I ordered for my friend's birthday. Yummy yummy! :)


Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

mukha pa lang yummy yummy na. laway ko! same ba taste niya sa chocolate mousse, sis? kasang parang ice cream din lasa non eh.

Michelle2 said...

haha it's really yummy and can't wait to have another event so i can order this again. actually this ice cream cake has different layers coz the bottom and outside part is i think white vanilla ice cream with white icing then the inside is a layer of chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake and fudge. i think the chocolate ice cream taste like the chocolate mousse once it melt a little bit. :)