Friday, October 10, 2008

Freebie for baby

Hubby and I visited my mother-in-law and she asked me of how's the baby and I said that the baby is okay and starts moving already. She was surprised coz she said hubby was so good to her and didn't gave her any problems. I think she was thinking that I'm in pain already when the baby moves. Anyways, she said that she will buy the crib for the baby and hubby said that we're still looking for one but haven't decided yet. A friend of mine suggests to buy the wooden crib but hubby thinks the folding crib is more practical for us so we can bring it anywhere in the house. Free stuff is good. :)


Bry said...

wow mitch, antagal kong nawala may baby ka na :)

congratz ha, hope you have a safe delivery...


Michelle2 said...

grabe, nabigla ka ano? baka next time na visit mo malaki na anak ko. haha anyways, thanks sa visit. :)