Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I quit working

Yes, I quit working starting today because I was sick working last week. I don't know what's going on coz I tried to drink water or my high protein energy drink that the practitioner told me so I won't be dehydrated but it didn't work. I thought I'm going to pass out at work so I talked to the store manager about what happened so she can understand why I want to quit working. I think she already expected it to happen coz she didn't disagree whatsoever though before I say a word she said "Noooooo" which made me laugh. She asked me of when I want my last day of work and I said "today". She just said okay and told me that she won't put in my record that I really quit just in case I want to come back. :)


Anonymous said...

hi michelle,
maybe you're over fatigue. what you need is just a little rest c",)


Aux Zero said...

Well, if it makes you happy then that's all there is to it. hehe

Michelle2 said...

Orville: I'm feeling better everyday. I think I'm just tired after not having enough sleep from our Florida trip then doing things for my MIL and going back to work. I now have more energy even without taking my energy drink maybe because I wake up late and can take a nap if I need to. :)

aux zero: I was not really happy that I quit working coz I like my job. But I don't like the feeling of being sick at work. My health and my baby is my priority at the moment. :)

twinks said...

Just rest Chelle,
being pregnant is like that..
that was great of your manager to not put it in record in case you want to work again.
Take care chelle :]

Michelle2 said...

thanks twinks! yeah, actually my pinay co-worker still hope that i will go back to work. some of my co-workers also told my pinay friend that they already missed me. hehe i'm thinking of going back to work this fall but i'm not sure if my breathlessness problem will occur once my tummy grows. i just hope that i will not experience feeling breathless again. :)